HERSHEY’S MILK DUDS Candy 24 pack, 1.85 oz boxes

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It is one of the best candies ever made by The Hershey Company, Milk Duds is the perfect snack for any moment. This gooey and chewy blend of caramel and chocolate makes for an enjoyable treat, sure to satisfy even the most intense sweet tooth.These bite-sized chocolate-covered caramel bits of yummy goodness were created back in 1926 at Le Noble and Company in Chicago, Illinois. The word Milk refers to the significant amount of milk they have and Duds was chosen after it was decided that creating perfect round balls of caramel was pretty much impossible. This popular candy has changed hands a lot over the years, but they are still as delicious today as that very first batch was. Milk Duds are kosher certified.It is a wholesale for HERSHEYS 24 CT MILK DUDS.

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