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Sucker Punch Candy Lollipop 12 ct

  • Great for All Boys and Girls Each toy is filled with lollipops.
  • Your children will love it.

Sweet Soaker Candy Filled 12 ct

  • Water Spray toy with candy.
  • They are filled with delicious candy balls.
  • kids and adults will love it.

Sweet Racer Pull Back Action Candy Filled Cars 12 ct

  • Get your engines ready and get ready to eat some yummy candy while you're at it.
  • Kidsmania Sweet Racer is filled with lots of crunchy candy.
  • just eat the candy, then play with the car.

Slam Dunk Dubble Bubble Gum 12 ct

  • Twelve Kidsmania Slam Dunk Gum Dispensers per order.
  • kids and adults will love it.

Quick Blast Sour Candy Spray 12 ct

  • Flavors include berry blast, cherry splash, and green apple burst
  • Artificially flavored sour candy spray.
  • shaped in "fire extinguisher" plastic containers.

Sweet Loader filled with candy 12 ct

  • These come in 3 colors - blue, red, and green.
  • Perfectly Sized for Parties, Birthdays, The Office, and Snacking.
  • kids and adults will love it.

Sour Flush Candy Toilet Lollipops 12 ct

  • Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Grape flavors
  • Funny lollipops make memorable party favors.
  • This sour powder-filled toilet comes with 2 sweet candy plungers.

Soda Can Fizzy Candy (1.47 Ounce, 12 Count )

  • Resembles six-packs of miniature soda cans.
  • kids and adults will love it.

Rescue Candy Filled Cars 12 ct

  • Contain Police, Paramedic, and Fire Department cars.
  • Pull them back and watch them go.
  • kids and adults will love it.

Laser Pop Projector Candy Lollipop 12 ct

  • Strawberry, blue raspberry, and cherry flavors.
  • Pressing the button on the side of the pop projects a safe "laser" light image on any surface.
  • kids and adults will love it.

Laser Emoji Pop with Lollipops 12 ct

  • There are three different emoji varieties in each box.
  • Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry flavors.
  • kids and adults will love it.

Happy Van Filled Candy 12 ct

  • Each box has 12 Candy filled mini vans, that are also pull back action toys.
  • When the candy is gone, you can play with the mini van.
  • kids and adults will love it.

Grab Pop Robot Arm Lollipops 12 ct

  • 12 novelty lollipops in each box
  • Flavors include: Green Apple, Strawberry, Grape
  • These kids lollipops make perfect birthday party favors.

Flash Pop Novelty Lollipop 12 ct

  • 12 Flash Pops per box
  • flavors include: Radiant Strawberry, Beaming Blue Raspberry, Glowing Watermelon
  • recloseable lollipop with a button to light up the entire pop.
  • Great for kids parties, goodie bags, etc.

Candy Jackpot Slot Machine Candy Filled Dispensers 12 ct

  • Each order has 12 Kidsmania Candy Jackpot Novelty Toys
  • Great for theme parties goodie bags, etc.

Sweet Truck Filled With Candy 12 ct

  • Great for all kids and boys and girls.
  • Each car is filled with candy pieces Great for party favors.
  • May contain traces of gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and seed.

Bubble Dozer Gum Nuggets Filled Truck 12 ct

  • These bubble dozers are filled with pieces of fruit-flavored bubble gum.
  • Makes the perfect toy for gift bags, parties, and more.
  • When the bubble gum is finished, enjoy using the dozer as a toy in the sandbox or around the house.

Bubble Blaster Gumball Filled Squirt Gun 6 ct

  • A perfect idea for birthday parties.
  • Kidsmania Bubble Gum Filled Bubble Mania Squirt Gum is a mouthful of fun.
  • The display box contains 6 Bubble Blaster Gumball Filled Squirt Guns.

Dubble Bubble Hot Sports Gumball Dispenser 12 ct

  • These are great for sports theme parties as favors for your guests.
  • Sports fans love to have them on hand during game time.
  • What a great treat for sports teams (you'd be considered the best team mom).

Gyro Flyers with Candy Pop 12 Ct

  • Colorful plastic flyers that defy gravity due to their unique aeronautical design.
  • Flavors: Peach, Green Apple, Strawberry
  • You can make it in your picnics, parties, and every event

Dubble Bubble Big Jackpot Gumball Slot Machine 12ct

  • Classic Dubble Bubble gumballs come in a container designed to look like a slot machine for a great party favor.
  • Everyone at your little one's birthday party will leave a winner when you include gumball slot machines in favor of bags.
  • The slot machines come in four different bright colors.

Cone Zone Construction Truck Candy Dispensers (12 Count, 0.21 Ounce )

  • Kidsmania Cone Zone Pull Back Action Truck filled with candy.
  • Assortment includes Dump Trucks, Backhoes, Cement Trucks.

Yoyo Mania Bubble Gum Novelty Candy Toy 12ct

  • There are 3 different flavors of gum packed inside.
  • Green apple, Strawberry, and Blue Raspberry Whirl.
  • Great for kids' parties and goodie bags.

Gas Pump Candy Station 12ct

  • candy dispensers filled with assorted candies.
  • tasty candies that help you through long car rides.
  • these are some of the most adorable candy dispensers around.