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Warning: FDA has released a warning from PremierZEN Gold 4000



FDA has just released a warning on their website to warn consumers from the “PremierZEN Gold 4000” said, PremierZen Gold 4000 contains hidden drug ingredient.

As recently there has been a widely spread counterfeit PremierZEN gold 4000 in the market, the FDA has released this warning in 08-31-2018. PremierZEN manufacture has also said that there will be a changing in all 4 editions of the PremierZEN Products (Gold – Platinum – Black – Extreme) a step to differentiate from the fake ones in the market.

As a step forward from the manufacture of the PremierZEN Products, they have released a new PremierZEN Gold 7000 which is the same formula as the original PremierZEN gold 4000. Please be advised that all PremierZEN gold 4000 that are in the markets most likely will be fake PremierZEN.

Source: Public Notification: PremierZen Gold 4000 contains hidden drug ingredient



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